Friday, April 18, 2008

Your attitude sucks

I happened to be killing some time around Molesworth Street t’other day during the middle of the mad commuter rush home. A nice shiny new BMW SUV comes around the corner. The driver, whose appearances should not be used to prejudge him, was middle-aged, white, wearing a suit (well a jacket at least) and balding … and talking on his cellphone.

I was somewhat happier when I saw him pull into a parking space to carry on his phone conversation, although better that he had never started it while driving. As soon as he pulls over he grabs a plastic sleeve folder and starts rummaging through it, still talking on the phone. "Fair enough," I think "He obviously can’t talk on the phone, look for something in his folder and drive all at the same time." After all, he only has two hands.

Eventually Mr Unsub (I’ve always wanted to use that term) puts down the phone, rummages a bit more then puts the folder away as well. That’s when I notice he is not wearing a seatbelt either.

This guy embodies so much that is wrong with our driving culture:

  • I do what I want to do – too bad about the risk to others.
  • I do what I want to do – too bad if I put myself at risk

I actually have less of a problem with the second except that as a taxpayer, I will be picking up the tab when you crash your Remuera Tractor and end up with permanent brain damage.

No amount of legislation will change this type of attitude.


Lucy said...

I am guilty of fiddling with my CD player as i drive but seeing people on mobile phones as they drive along really irks me as does people who turn there heads to look at there passenger as they have a chat.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - people who look all around the place everywhere except the road are a menace. And most phones have speaker option - I don't know why it isn't used...