Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why I Dislike Winston Peters, Reason #492

It was inevitable that NZF would again trot out the xenophobic rhetoric that so enamours Winston with the intellectually challenged.

"When times are tough internationally immigrants are attracted to New Zealand like moths to a neon light."

NZ Herald:
"He said immigration policy had to be "smarter" and added: "We must have a population policy - and one in which ordinary New Zealanders can have an input.
"It must be linked explicitly to labour market needs. No job - no immigrant."
Mr Peters said no one should be let into New Zealand unless they had a job and those seeking to join families in this country would have to be immediate family only."

Apart from the fact that it is already relatively hard for unskilled migrants without a job offer to come to NZ, I believe he is trying to say all those Somali taxi drivers with PhDs should not be allowed in...

The man makes me sick and I can only hope that enough peopple do not vote for either NZF or Labour so that he has no chance of getting back into parliament.

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