Thursday, March 13, 2008

How much chips - Part 2

As Cheezy said, the rules against fatty foods are just around the corner.

I have sympathy with the view that the junk food pushers are targetting kids. I know from time spent with my extended family that young kids will pester their parents for things, especially food, that have seen on TV.

On the other hand, shielding children from TV ads is what economists call a second best outcome. Getting parents to understand a) the need for a healthy balanced diet and b) that they need to impart to their kids a degree of self-control is to my mind the first best outcome.

My nephew was around 5 at the time and was travelling in the car with his grandparents. He knew that his grandfather kept some mints in the front of the car.

"Granddad, can I have some mints?"

Granddad mutters something about not at the moment.

"But Granddad, I NEED to have a mint!"

And I need to win Lotto.

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